Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment is the stepping off point for many of our members who seek to become fully independent. Transitional jobs are part-time, short-term placements in the community. Green Door partnerships with local businesses, nonprofits, and corporations allow us to provide on-the-job experience to our members in real-life office environments.

Transitional Employment partners set aside entry-level, part-time jobs for Green Door members. These placements last from six to nine months and give members real work experience and the opportunity to gain skills and build a résumé, while paying them competitive wages. Green Door staff prepare members for jobs, provide on-the-job training and placement, and then support members while they are on the transitional jobs.

The positions are always filled and a qualified worker is guaranteed each day. If the member has to miss work on a given day, Green Door staff work the job and the employer does not pay the staff. Green Door staff secure the job, train the member on the job, and fill in for the member, if necessary.

After two transitional jobs, members look for permanent positions with the help of a job coach. Members are assisted to write their résumés, search for available jobs, learn interview skills, and secure permanent part-time or full-time jobs. This phase of the employment program is called Supported Employment, and lasts as long as the member wishes. Members and job coaches keep in touch by site visits, telephone calls, or meetings, as well as at monthly Employment Dinners where all members in the employment program can meet to socialize and support one another.

Transitional Employment Jobs:
  • Offer competitive wages – minimum wage or above
  • Are at the employer’s office, in professional settings, and the pay check is from the employer.
  • Are usually 20 hours per week and last for six months.
  • Include mailroom, office assistant, custodial, food service, and courier positions.
  • Provide a risk-free environment to begin working again after many years of unemployment.
  • Allow members to gain experience in a real work setting and earn competitive wages.
  • Allow members to build their résumés, get current references, and then move on to a permanent job.

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