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Green Door Behavioral Health is an early proponent of the Housing First/LINK movement, which recognizes that our clients’ lives fall into place more easily when they have a safe place to call home. Other aspects of their care, from medication management and decreased substance use to education and employment, are more easily achieved when housing is stable.

We help our clients navigate DC’s Coordinated Assessment and Housing Program (CAHP) as well as DC’s other multiple and complicated housing programs to find steady and safe housing for themselves and their families.

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  1. Hello my name is Gloria Thomas, I am emailing you in reference to a good friend of mine, she is the mother of my great niece who is six years old, and she just had another child who’s about a month or so. She’s currently living on 3rd and Atlantic Street SE in a one bedroom. On top of the place being to small for her existing family it’s a bad neighborhood to raise my niece. The place where she currently lives has given her until July to either go to school or a program which she can’t right now because of her new born, but the alternative to that situation is to move or pay market rent which she can’t afford because she only received SSI and TNAF for her daughter. It would be highly appreciated if you could assist her in this matter she now is facing.
    Thanking You

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