We’re Opening Doors and Transforming Lives

Green Door Staff

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters

We are embarking on our 40th year at Green Door, and it’s an exciting time!  Over the decades, Green Door has had a strong presence within DC’s behavioral health community.  Over the course of these many wonderful years, the services we offer have evolved to ensure that we are responsive to the changing needs of each person and family we serve.

With evolution comes change, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil a ‘new’ Green Door brand!  This ‘new’ brand will help us reveal the true mission and story behind Green Door.  This ‘new’ brand was informed by extensive research and better reflects our present and our future.

You will also notice our new name, “Green Door Behavioral Health”, which more accurately defines what and who we are: a more inclusive organization that not only promotes well-being by preventing or intervening in mental illness, but also one that aims to prevent or intervene in substance use disorders. 

Over the coming months, you will witness us inhabiting our new brand.  In addition to our new name, we have a wonderful new logo, a crisp tagline, a strengthened mission statement, an encompassing vision statement, new Facebook page, and lastly we will be launching a new website.  Our Twitter account (@GreenDoorTweet) is still the same.

In order to deliver a consistent message, and to further reflect our current transformational mission while reinforcing our core values, we have developed a new mission statement: “Green Door is a behavioral health organization that treats, empowers and transforms individuals and families by providing comprehensive clinical and support services.” 

Our new logo represents the fact that our doors are always open to those in need, whether it be individuals or the family in general, while our new positive and emotionally compelling tagline—“Opening Doors, Transforming Lives“—reinforces our mission. 

Lastly, in line with the other changes that we hope better distinguish the ‘new’ Green Door Behavioral Health, we have also updated our vision statement which now reads: “As a center for excellence experienced in delivering behavioral health care and an array of other needed support services, Green Door behavioral health is committed to a world in which all have access to exceptional behavioral health care options, and where mental health is universally accepted to be an essential part of health.” 

We look forward to having you join us on this journey, and we appreciate your continued support as we work steadfastly to serve the nation’s capital and to advance our mission and vision.

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