Green Door is a community program that prepares women and men with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses to work and live independently in the District of Columbia.
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Literacy and Adult Education

Posted on 25th September 2014

A Look Back at Our Education Recognition Ceremony UNESCO's International Literacy Day (held on September 8th each year) promotes the importance of literacy and adult learning. In honor of that day, here is a look back at our recap of our Education Ceremony. On Tuesday July 15, the achievements a

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Meet Ronnie

Posted on 18th September 2014

Get to Know Ronnie by: Jennifer Erwin Ronnie’s face lights up when he talks about his success and where he is today. He is one of those rare native Washingtonians. Born and raised in DC, he was typical teenager - went to school, hung with friends, played basketball. In the 11th grade, for re

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Four Ways to Reduce Everyday Anxiety

Posted on 11th September 2014

Four Ways to Reduce Everyday Anxiety by: Priya Patel 1. Challenge Anxious Thoughts Our anxious thoughts can start from the smallest little worries that transform into huge worries. Often, this is a result of a lifelong pattern of thinking. But that doesn’t mean that pattern cannot be interrupte

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"You can do anything in're gonna have trials and tribulations but with a sober mind and a clear head - and a support system - you can go through anything." — Geraldine M., Green Door client

To hear more from Geraldine, Hilman and Maya who participated in this year's Gala video, please watch the video on the right. (If you have trouble viewing this video, please click on the YouTube icon below the video box.)

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