Founded in 1976, Green Door is recognized nationally as one of the most successful community-based mental health centers.

Green Door Behavioral Health provides the support and direction our clients need to help them find purpose. Suffering chronic and often life-threatening health conditions brought about through mental illness and substance use disorders, our clients are often in need of homes, jobs, medical care, and a support structure to help them navigate life. Green Door provides comprehensive treatment and support services to open doors for our clients, and transform their lives.


When people come to Green Door, they become part of a supportive, nurturing community that forms the foundation for their success. Here, we see the whole person, not the illness. This sense of community dramatically reduces alienation and isolation, making it possible for clients to move toward independence and thriving on their own.


Green Door provides a host of services, depending on what a client needs. We have psychiatrists, nurses and social workers who help our clients identify appropriate plans for treatment of their mental and physical illnesses. We provide medication education and monitoring, community support/case management services, and housing. More information is available at the Services area of this web site.