December 8, 2016

We are pleased to see bipartisan mental health legislation moving forward and proud of Senators Cassidy and Murphy, 2016 Remarkable Journeys honorees, for their leadership in health care.  The coming year will no doubt bring many changes.  With increased uncertainty about funding priorities—Green Door Behavioral Health will need your support more than ever. Read the whole article HERE.

“I’m personally worried about the block granting of Medicaid and what that will mean to the amount of money that Connecticut has to run a mental health system,” said Democratic Sen. Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut, who also feared that future Medicaid cuts could also result in less coordination between the physical and behavioral health systems.

Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy, who partnered with Murphy on the mental health bill, has offered a health care law replacement of his own that he hopes would help prevent states from rolling back coverage. It would place a per-capita spending limit on Medicaid funding, but would allow for extra payments for people with particularly high medical costs.

“If you’ve got a recession and a lot more people are joining Medicaid rolls, then your per-beneficiary block grant increases, and you should risk-adjust that,” Cassidy said.”